Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mother's Best Helper

Apologies for the tardy post. Our newly married Mormon son and his wonderful Mormon wife came to visit and we were busy having a warm, wonderful weekend with them. Which leads me into this week's post.

The sweetest experiences of my life have been those moments following the intensity of labor and delivery when the doctor placed in my arms our newest-born child. Nothing tops the awe, wonder and joy of that moment . . . unless it is seeing that child many years later, kneeling at the marriage altar in a holy temple, being united by sacred covenants to a worthy, wonderful spouse. Zeniths, these experiences.

As a Mormon parent, the road from labor room to celestial room could loom long and terrifying were it not for an incredible gift from our Heavenly Father.

In addition to our belief in God, our Eternal Father, and His Son Jesus Christ, Mormons believe in the Holy Ghost. Member of the three-person Godhead, the Holy Ghost is a personage of Spirit, and when one is baptized and then confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a Mormon), one is given by priesthood power the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

Let me tell you what this gift has meant to this Mormon mom.

In specific instances, the whisperings of the Spirit have given me insight into the motivations of a misbehaving child, and with that heaven-sent understanding I taught and trained him with greater patience and love. The Holy Ghost has enlightened my mind and answered questions as to the cause of a child's personal struggles. The Spirit has confirmed to me the correctness of a child's chosen path; has compelled me to correct a child going down a dangerous path; has helped me love a child when the child wasn't acting in a particularly loving way; has given me brief glimpses into the future experiences a child may have. The Holy Ghost has brought me comfort and hope that, if we parents and our children keep our covenants, we can be family forever.

I don't claim to be constantly guided by the Spirit, although I could be if I did a far better job of being worthy of that. However, my experiences with the Holy Ghost are marvelous testimony that our Heavenly Father loves us, His children, and has prepared a way to guide and direct us while we are temporarily separated from Him. If for no other reason, I would want to claim membership in the Mormon Church because of the Gift of the Holy Ghost, available to all God's children who qualify for it.


Focus said...

Nice post ..... well said. I will pass this on to members of my family. tfs

Lindsay said...

Thanks for yet another wonderful post. I used part of it in my YW lesson today, it fit perfectly. Thank you for being so great...all my girls were looking at our family picture and commented on how beautiful you are. I couldn't agree more. Love you.