Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Beginnings

All you Mormons out there will know by my post title where I've been tonight: our ward Young Women New Beginnings. I was there to accompany a musical number, but was the recipient of the spirit of the LDS Young Women program, as well as a beneficiary of the Holy Spirit.

These young women are loved! They are sacrificed for. They are prayed for, ministered to, and agonized over. They will probably recognize how valued they are now in about 10 to 15 years, when suddenly the shoe is on the other foot and they are the adult leaders, doing the same things for a new generation of Young Women.

Interestingly, I began my day with 21 kindergarteners. (Whoops--back up the schedule: after spending an hour with high school freshmen and sophomores in Early Morning Seminary, talking about sexual sin and why it is so abominable in the eyes to Heavenly Father, THEN I scurried over to the grade school and hung around with kindergarteners.) Anyway, kindergarten: another sort of new beginning.

I look at those little ones, some of whom already have some big hurdles in front of them, and I hope that somewhere in their homes, their communities, their society are people willing to pray for, minister to, and sacrifice for them. It isn't that big a jump from five year-olds in kindergarten to fifteen year-olds in Young Women. So much of their current happiness and their future joys depends on the adults in their lives being willing to BE the adults in their lives, teaching, directing, disciplining, and loving them.

Beginnings are just so important.

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