Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One day record

Yes. That is how long I kept my recent blogging streak going. Sad, I know. I did THINK about it yesterday, but should have acted while it was on my mind.

So: this early morning post is a catch-up for yesterday. Hopefully I'll write again tonight.

Yesterday I had planned to go to Billings after Seminary for a much-needed restocking shopping trip, but 80% chance of snow in Billings persuaded me to stay home instead. I had a nice video chat with Rachell and Maddy. Maddy was heavily into "Happy Valentines Day, Nana!" preparations, and Rachell shared some scriptural insights she gained in her morning study. I love talking to my kids about anything, but spiritual insights and growth are my favorite conversations with them.

I'm trying--again--to be better about my eating habits. I was trained to have a sweet tooth and successfully and unfortunately passed that on to my own kids. But lately I've been struggling to establish better eating habits. Two articles in the most recent Ensign have encouraged me to keep trying. So yesterday, I spent a goodly amount of time cooking up a supply of healthy grains to keep in the fridge and freezer: barley, lentils, and brown rice. It felt good to work at something healthy.

I also took Bear on an hour-plus walk into the hills. He enjoyed it; I plugged into an interview with Elder D. Todd Christofferson and his wife, which was very interesting. I was heartened to hear Sister Christofferson's voice: it's lower, very Utah-inflected, and she sounds like someone I'd like to know. For some reason I have a hard time listening to women leaders who have girly-voices. Don't ask me why. I know it has nothing to do with their intelligence or inspiration, etc. I just enjoy a more solid tone of voice. Anyway, they seem like very ordinary people. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

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